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TECA provides assistance services in administrative management, with specific reference to accounting and fiscal obligations, among which keeping the accounts of joint-stock companies, non-commercial bodies, partnerships and sole proprietorships, in either ordinary or simplified operating regimes. The activity includes updating the accounting entries and the relevant audits, carrying out bank and cash reconciliation, disbursing VAT payables, verifying and communicating withholdings made and payable. Accounting reporting and accessory services to accounting By request of the customer, TECA can provide economic and asset and liability situations at diverse dates throughout the year, in trial balance form and, where necessary, as an official interim report. These services also include management of the memorandum book of the items related to customers and suppliers and keeping the analytical accounts. Redaction of financial statements and relevant obligations This activity involves the process that develops the trial balance sheet into the final financial statements for the period, including the necessary accounting audits, budget balancing and closing data, calculation of the taxes for the period, redaction of the explanatory notes, and assistance in drawing up the reports by the administrative body and any other required documentation (financial statements, schedules, etc...) The activity also includes fulfilling all the obligations related to deposit of the financial statements and the list of the shareholders.

Tax declarations
TECA provides assistance in filling out and submitting all the necessary tax returns, including by electronic means. The service includes:

  • income tax returns of sole proprietorships, partnerships, joint-stock companies and non-commercial organizations;
  • IRAP (Regional Tax on Production Activities) declaration;
  • filling out the schedules related to parameters and sector studies;
  • declaration of the withholding agents;
  • declaration of annual and/or periodic VAT declaration (annual communication of VAT figures);
  • ICI (property tax) obligations. The activity involves communicating to the customer the amount payable as balance or deposit for taxes due.

Other fiscal obligations
provides assistance in relation to any non-periodic fiscal obligations, such as obligations related to tax amnesties, indemnities and extraordinary provisions as related to asset revaluation.

Domiciliation and fiscal representation
assists its customers by providing domiciliation for companies and enterprise, in addition to fiscal representation to non-residents. The TECA service includes handling correspondence and incoming calls, and if necessary, TECA can provide the space necessary for carrying out the activities.

Communications and reports to the Trade Registration Office and the Inland Revenue Service
provides assistance in filling out the reports to the Trade Registration Office and the Inland Revenue Service, including by handling the paperwork by electronic means.

Redaction of procedure manuals
delivers assistance in the redaction of procedure manuals mainly related to company organization and administrative management, from management of ordinary daily tasks to keeping the analytical accounts.

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