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Economic dynamics in businesses frequently lead to new opportunities to modify the corporate and tax structures. Frequent examples are when lines of business split off, companies are sold off or leased, several corporate structures or company divisions are incorporated and merged, listing on the regulated markets and financial restructuring through the involvement of third parties in risk capital. Resolution of these problems can take the shape of merger transactions, spin offs, assignment, lease, sale or changes to the share capital. In this area, and in respect of the peculiarities of each transaction, TECA:

  • prepares specific feasibility and advantage studies and opinions;
  • assists in defining contracts and agreements in addition to drawing them up;
  • prepares reports on the asset and liability, financial and accounting situations, also by assisting in making accounting-related and consequent entries;
  • prepares all the documents, schedules and designs required by prevailing law;
  • coordinates times and requirements of the individual transactions, including in cooperation with notary offices.

In capital transactions, TECA performs all the necessary activities for presentation to institutional and private investors of investment opportunities. Preliminarily, TECA examines and draws up the economic and financial plans necessary for evaluating the transactions. Search and selection of strategic and/or financial partners are accomplished while operating with the main investment funds, including through the national A.I.F.I. network, (Italian Association of Institutional Investors in Risk Capital), of which TECA is a member.

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