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provides corporate, contract and legal consultancy services in general, delivering its expert assistance in company liquidations and insolvency procedures.

Corporate consultancy
Our assistance affects all aspects of the life of the enterprise. In the preliminary phase, TECA provides support in the business foundation, including by means of trustee registration of company shares or quotas, taking part in formulating the bylaws and any specific shareholder agreements. Throughout the life of the company, TECA provides comprehensive assistance during general meetings, board meetings, and corporate governance, including by drawing up justified opinions. TECA assistance also covers the processes of transformation of companies, including as this relates to formulation of the company asset appraisal, as required in accordance with Arts. 2343 and 2465 of the Italian Civil Code and to an eventual liquidation phase, by handling the winding up right up to final write off. The professionals of TECA are also qualified to directly undertake administrative, liquidation, control and auditing responsibilities.

Contract consultancy
Taking advantage of its own legal staff, TECA supplies comprehensive assistance in the definition of general contracts, coordinating the legal, accounting and fiscal aspects.

Insolvency procedures
The professionals at TECA are trained and certified with the legal authorities to execute all the responsibilities of bankruptcy proceedings, mandatory administrative liquidation and extraordinary administration. In addition, they can assume the role of Official Technical Consultant, appointed by the competent authorities, or Partial Technical Consultant. In the pre-insolvency phase, TECA provides assistance in verifying that the pre-requisites apply to enter the diverse procedures by carrying out accounting audits, making document checks and handling affairs with the courts. In the insolvency phase, TECA provides complete assistance in dealing with the offices appointed for the procedure and with Public Prosecutor's Office.

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