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provides its customers assistance in applying current tax laws and in administrative procedures by providing answers in the form of opinions and monographs, sending out circulars containing new fiscal information and recent changes. The service is delivered with the help of the most up to date computerized and printed archives. TECA assistance extends to research into fiscal planning and tax optimization solutions, nationally and internationally, according to the standards and ministerial procedures in force. TECA expertise can handle ordinary management as well as specific extraordinary transactions. For international transactions, TECA makes use of trusted correspondents in most European Union nations and overseas. TECA also provides comprehensive assistance in relations with the Inland Revenue Service, with particular reference to handling and resolving notices of assessment, amicable notices, notices of infliction of penalties, notices of settlement, adjustments to declarations, rates return forms, and any other communication. Assistance is provided in pre-litigation and in litigation phases, while drawing up the specific deeds and petitions.

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